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Issue 4/2011, March 11 2011 (No. 323)

Living Without News (18)

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the big grey noise

It is quite exactly six years ago, when the last colunm with the title ‚Living Without News' was published at this site. I have now started to live without news again. That means that I am presently not reading any offline or online media.
A kind of tranquility very soon appears at the beginning of such a fast. I notice that an empty space opens up in my mind and in my soul. I am able to enter this space in order to intently dwell on my thoughts feelings and perceptions.
It's essential to sharpen the concentration of my intellectual and mental faculties because I mainly try to addict myself to the haunting description of immediately perceived things.
It's I have acutely noticed lately that the society, which surrounds me, strives for any targets with might and main. An overwhelming superiority of press products encourages their particular clientele and their particular editors in accomplishing their particular mission.

'Klein Mexiko' has no explicit mission to accomplish, except the above mentioned one to strive for a haunting description of immediately perceived things That's why this press product is a little bit outside of the bustling. There is need for a lot of intense power and tranquil consideration to gain attention for it. So it will set the author up to live without news for a little while.

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