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Issue 17/2010, October 31 2010 (No. 316)

Observations at a Bus Stop

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A view of a bus stop in Bremen
A view of a bus stop in Bremen (not the one I observed

I watched a bus stop in vicinity to our estate for more than an hour in the early afternoon. My predominant impression was the perpetual hum of the cars and the trucks. Every few minutes a cyclist passed. About eight city busses and at least four country busses passed the stop for that hour. About thirty passengers boarded the busses for that hour.
Halfway between our house and the bus stop I came across a neighbour. We went together to the stop. We hadn't seen each other for quite some time and so we had a little chat. A little bit later an aquaintance I hadn't also seen for a long time dismounted from a bus. We also talked a while. Thereupon I was adressed by a man who had told me a lot about his working life at this bus stop a few months ago.
  I finally got into conversation with an elederly woman I hadn't ever seen before. I knew the faces of several people who were waiting at the bus stop or were passing it. I noticed that the bus stop is also a meeting point for people who don't want to go by bus. I saw only few children at the bus stop.
The waiting people talked little to each other. Old people more likely tried to get an opportunity to have a talk. Very few people took a look at the timetable, most people were patienty waiting. Young people often took a look at their cell phone. I almost throughout saw pepople who didn't wear expensive clothes.

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