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Issue 25/2005, September 19 2005 (No. 199)
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The little house below the trees at the lake.
Smoke rises out of the chimney.
If the smoke wasn't there,
how cheerless would be
the house, the trees and the lake.

Bertolt Brecht

A few days ago I was in the cheerless area of an arterial road. I saw two minute flower buckets on the pavement in front of a little house. In one of the buckets was heather, in the other one were pebbles and a tiny evergreen tree. The plants had been watered not long ago.
The pavement was narrow. The little house had no front garden, but it looked very well kept. The walls, the doors and the windows looked almost newly painted. Behind the windowpanes one saw simple clean curtains. On the windowseat were little flowers and cactuses.
When I took a photo of the buckets, a small old woman came out of the house. She told me something about her daily life. Her German was very bad. She was a Turkish woman. She came from Istanbul. She was sixty-five years old. Life left its marks on her face.  

Two minute flower buckets on the pavement in front of a little house
She lived in the house together with her husband and an adult child. Three children were already married. Her husband was in Turkey for six months. She had put up three flower buckets. One had already been stolen.
She asked me for a print of the photo. She wanted to send it to her parents. Her mother was past eigthy and her father was past ninety.
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)
(to be continued)

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