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Hair loss

Kritzi with a box of fungicide

Cat Proverbs

If you don't feed the cats you must feed the rats.

Wanton kittens make sober cats.

The cat is a good friend but she scratches.

A cat may look on a king.

If Krautzi could see how I look like. I think he would nearly die laughing. After I had got over my great mourning about the loss of my dear brother, I started going out again. The spring sun warmed up my beautiful fur, which was recently still full and shining.
But then it began to itch. I thought, that perhaps it was a problem of the shampoo and left it out . But the itching stayed, and whenever my best girl-friend wanted to stroke me, she pulled out a tuft of fur. I feel ashamed endlessly, even it is not so bad between women, and in front of my master I also don't have to feel embarrased actually . Unfortunately the tufts of fur, that I lost, became more numerous, and a hole in my fur came into being. Oh no, looking like this, I couldn't appear outside no longer.

My master and my girl-friend murmered something of a fungus, which could have attacked me. A fungus, ugh, what's that? The main thing is, that it disappears soon.
After some days had gone, without that the fungus had gone, I was put on with a strong smelling paste. That happened to me over several days, and I have to say, that since that it hasn't been itching so much. But when I have a look in the mirror, I really look mared. My fur is totally matted at this place, and I already try, to lick off the stuff.
But I think, that my master and my best girl-friend are not quite wrong with their treatment, because some hairs are already coming up again. Since then I havn't been put on with cream any longer, and I hope, I will be pretty again soon.

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