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A new neighbour

Lily in the garden door

Cat Proverbs

If you don't feed the cats you must feed the rats.

Wanton kittens make sober cats.

The cat is a good friend but she scratches.

A cat may look on a king.

Hello, my name is Lilly. I am the grey striped little cat, who has moved over to Klein-Mexiko, somewhere between Ruhrstraße and Lippestraße. My people, who I chosed, are a quite friendly family. Like everybody here they have a little garden, in which they let me go every day. But I am also interested to see, how it looks like somewhere else.
Diagonelly opposite there grows a fantastic tree. On this I absolutely had to have a look from close up. But first I took a look, what is also there in the other gardens. Some have a lot of green, others less. I am specially interested in those ones which have more green, because there are mostly to find birds. At my home, where also grow much bushes, I even have caught a bird. My family was not very much amused and locked me up for a whole afternoon in the house after that.

But on the next day I was allowed to go out again, and I immediatly went to the tree in the neighbour's garden. It is quite tall, but no problem for me. I climbed it up to the top and I had a wonderful view. Once a pair of cat-eyes looked at me out of the window. Hihi, I wonder what he was thinking. I walked there on the top quite courageously, and when I had enough, I got off again. Besides the last distance I fell more than I climbed.
When somewhere a garden door is open, I just step in. Most of the time I am welcome and get attention. When I have enough, I leave again. Peope I like I kiss them with my moist nose. My master finds it quite funny, my female master less. But this shall be a proof of love. I hope, that I will have some experiences here. I will tell about them later.

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The next issue 'Cats talk' will be published on October 31 2010.
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