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Issue 23/2008, November 20 2008 (No. 273)

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The writer of these lines is known to be a real average head and on top of it, he is a right old one. But sometimes he is being overcome with awe of the fact that a real ordenary and old head has been able to put about such a plenty of observations, because nobody and nothing has stopped him.
The world is full of real average heads, most of them are not nearly as old as the head of the writer. The writer drew up a simple calculation. What would burgeon up in those heads, if nobody and nothing stopped them.
But what does it mean, when the writer says ' … if nobody and nothing stopped them'. The writer has three meals a day and a roof over his head. The minds of many people all around the world are not free of worries about mere subsistence. Nobody shoots at the writer. Many people all around the world are fleeing from violence. The author occasionally finds the time for writing short delineations, although he toils for his living by writing documentary texts and doing his bread-and-butter job. Many people are always weary, because they earn little money by working very hard. The writer got a good schooling, a reasonable academical training and a vocational education. Many heads never took a look at the inside of a school. Nobody forbids the writer to write and to publish his texts. Many writers aren't able to publish their texts, because the strongmen forbid them to speak, under treat of punishment. Due to technical developments as Internet the writer is able to share his simple observations with other people. Many, many persons all around the world are still illiterate and have no telephone connection.
But what does it really mean to say '… if nobody and nothing stopped them'?
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The harvest, which would burgeon up in the unbound heads, would be incomparably more fertile than the poor brood of ideas, which those few heads have born, who are in power due to a political and economic constitution, which at best allows those many people to nod or to shake their head every four or five years.

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The international poster organisation Loesje has started a project to train young people from all over Europe and Asia in how to organise and coordinate information campaigns about the Millennium Development Goals. These goals are set by the United Nations to fight poverty and to improve living standards world wide.

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