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I have already lived in this estate for 8 years now, but I havn't introduced myself yet. My name is Tiger, and there is even a document about my birthday. I namely was born in September 19th 1998 somewhere but soon moved over to my new family. This one I have under my control very well as you will get to know now.
I am a tom cat of night, but also by day I attach great importance to tidy domestic conditions. So I have many favourite places, which I want to be found always vacant if required. One of them is the window seat in the kitchen, from which I some bored look at the pavement watching the people going by. I get some annoyed when it rains all day. Then it can happen that I go on my family's nervs, so they say at least.
When I can't stand it all any longer I lay down on the kitchen bank and stretch myself cosyly. As long, yes as long as I have enough of it too. For a change I proceed to the living-room, look if someone is there, if yes, I enjoy beeing stroked on the sofa for a long time.

But I keep a little distance, because I'm not a lapdog at last. Which one of my eyes I take my bearings to the neighbour armchair. On it there is lying a blanket at my own request. If even so somebody should dare to sit there, I'll become merciless and stare as long at the bad person as he disappears voluntary. Mostly that works without a hitch. By the way I don't scratch the sofa but use my scratch-tree very well. Another passion of mine is eating. Hearing the clicking of the refrigerator door I'm immediately there. But I choose well.

Sometimes it may be some cream cheese but otherwise I prefer a special sort of feed. This one of course only on a clean plate. I am even willing to lick up the pieces, which fall beside it. Concerning the drinking water I also have my own ideas. I prefer dirty water, which stands on the table in a bowl. My master allows me to jump onto the desk and drink out of it.
You won't ever be bored with me, because I'm very talkative as well and answer nearly every time. Occasionally I am a little bit vicious. So it can happen, that one family member passing by is pinched in the heel by me. I don't want to talk about worse cases now. But at the same time I love my family more than everything. Even so much, that I accompany them on their way to shopping some steps and sadly stand still at the street corner.
One time I had to live with another person, because our house had to be built around. But I couldn't stand it and went back. Not everybody in this district loves me. A neighbour tom cat, who has lived here for a longer time and I don't like each other at all. So one of us can get a bloody nose for example. Therefore we get out of the way mostly. In comparison to this the cat a few houses further likes me very much. When I go on my trip on the evening at 21.40 o' clock I pick her up recently everytime. I believe I really feel fine.

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The next issue 'Cats talk' will be published on October 1 2006.
         There are many ways of skinning a cat.

The cat who frightens the mice away is as good as the cat who eats them'
German proverb

'A cat bitten once by a snake dreads even rope'
Arab Proverb

'A cat may go to a monastery, but she still remains a cat'
Ethiopian proverb
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