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The patient man is better than the valiant, and he who rules his temper, than he who takes a city.
Book of Proverbs,16:32.

My name is Jan Frey. I am the writer of the website 'Klein Mexiko' and its articles about 'The Daily Groove'. I finished a teacher training (German language and literature and social sciences), but I got no job. I finally trained as a programmer and graduate in business managment. I worked as a programmer for a lot of years. In those years I recovered from cancer. I decided to change my life and I slowly started the journalistic project 'Klein Mexiko, Alltag in der Vorstadt' (Little Mexico, Daily life in the suburb)'.
Klein Mexiko is a little terraced housing estate near the city centre of Bremen. The little houses were build in 1927 as a solid reception camp for homeless people. Today ordinary employees and workmen with their families live in the houses. You can read more about Klein Mexiko in the summary of this article.
Since a lot of years I live as a writer. That means I earn some money by writing articles and doing bread-and-butter jobs. It's the 'life of an artist'. But my life isn't hard, because I don't fight my way through on my own. My wife Christine gives me a lot of support. She also writes the articles of the series CATS TALK.
The first (printed) issue of 'Klein Mexiko' was about the life of a family of Turkish immigrants in Bremen. The issue had 24 pages. I interviewed an old Turkish businessman and his wife. There was also a photo reportage (sample) about their son who managed a greengrocer's shop. I made the complete issue. I was the editor, the typesetter, the publicity manager, the advertising manager and the publisher, but not the printer. That was in 1997. Up to now I have made four issues. One was about old people and their living conditions. The next one (76 pages) was about unemployed drug addicts (alcohol, heroin a.s.o.) and the last one was about the kindergarten of the neighbouring parish. The last issue was sponsored by my house bank. But nevertheless Klein Mexiko is a project, which is independent in every way (politcally, financially a.s.o.).
On February 10 2002 I started my website kleinmexiko.de. The main part of the website is the series 'Alltag in Bremen'/ 'The Daily Groove'. (I started to publish detailed English summaries in December 2004.) The idea of 'Alltag in Bremen'/ 'The Daily Groove' is to write down observations, which I make in my everyday life.
I walk (or bike) around town. I take photos. I try to find places, situations and things, which are a little bit more normal than normal. I try to find classic examples and typical situations of everyday life.
A good example is the small article 'Tracks (1)'. It perhaps demonstrates that people don't often work together in the German society.  

The writer of this website
Another example is the article Little Mexico - car-free. With photos, which show an unusual situation, I try to demonstrate the charakteristic feature of the normal situation. 'The Daily Groove'/ 'Alltag in Bremen' is a journalistic expedition which concentrates on perceptive faculty.

The little path of the terraced housing estate, where we live.
There were numerous articles about Klein Mexiko and kleinmexiko.de in regional newpapers, but also national newspapers ('Frankfurter Rundschau' and 'Die Zeit-online') and a foreign newspaper ('Das Echo', Canada) had articles or items about Klein Mexiko and kleinmexiko.de.
Since 2006 Charles Dittmeier, a Maryknoll Father in Cambodia, and I have developed a cooperation. Please have a look at Charlie's homepage He is also the author of 'Daily Life in Cambodia'. (My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)

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All texts (besides the texts of 'Cats Talk'/ 'Katzenpost') were written by Jan Frey.

Photographs and illustrations (besides the photographs and illustrations of 'Cats Talk'/ 'Katzenpost') were made by Jan Frey (, if an other author isn't expressly declared).

Author of all texts, photographs and illustrations of 'Cats Talk'/ 'Katzenpost' is Christine Cimbal-Marocke(, if an other author isn't expressly declared).

Copyright of all their texts and pictures reserved by Jan Frey and Christine Cimbal-Marocke!

The publishing house is not legally liable for the content of webpages, which are linked with this website.


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