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Karlchen on the roof


Cat Proverbs

'Ye shall not possess any beast, my dear sisters, except only a cat.'
The Ancren Riewle (Nun's Rule)

'The cat is nature's Beauty.'
French Proverb

When rats infest the Palace a lame cat is better than the swiftest horse.'
Chinese Proverb

All cats look gray in the dark.

I, Karlchen, live, as you already know, with my sister in a one-bedroom flat with a bathroom under the roof. From there it's true, that you can wonderfully watch the birds out of the window, but I have always been interested, how it looks like under the roof. One possibility to find out this I had already discovered . My master now and then opens the bathroom-window, and when she is just not looking, I try to climb up the bath-tub and from there to enter the roof.
Up to now she has mostly caught me. Up to one time. The bathroom window was again opened and the door to the bathroom was not closed carefully. But she went away unsuspecting for a short time. This chance of course I wanted to use immediately. I could open the door easily. I looked around me cautiously again and then I quickly jumped onto the bath-tub. From there it was only a long step until I stood on the roof. 'Ooh, it's a kind of slippery', I thought by myself. 'Well, you know, I won't be put off by this.'

Slowly I made some steps on the roof. As it is so sloping I couldn't hold my body in a steady position and so it happened what had to happen. I slipped, was just able to dig my claws into the roof hanging at the gutter.
At once I heard a great sreaming. Meanwhile my master had turned back and looked shocked out of the window. She called for me and then I took my last strength and worked my way along back on the roof. Hurried I stumbled back to the bathroom-window, where my master received me with both arms. I fell into the bath-tub unfortunately. For a long time I havn't been so glad to stand on the solid floor. I got a fright, that was all, but my nose remained quite pale for some time

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