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Farewell from Minka

Minka in the bush

Cat Proverbs

All cats look gray in the dark.

A cat has nine lives.

When the cat is away the mice will play.

The cat is honest when the meat is out of her reach.

There are people who work on Sunday too. But I, Minka, fortunately don't belong to them. But I like to get up early. Either I sit down on the little birch tree in our nice housing estate or in the bush in front of our window. When it is too boring there, I go to the back and climb up the the oak in the yard.
But on Sunday morning I am full of expactation at the house. Then namely a little woman comes along the street and pulls a handcart behind her. She shortly stops at nearly every house, to put somenthing into the letter box.
As far as she has arrived our house, I jump, whereever from behind and miaow shortly. If she doesn't hear it, I simply jump in front of her feet. Then she bends down to me, says something and strokes me for a long time. I feel her to stay a little bit longer, but she is in a hurry, because she also has to put something into the letter boxes at the other houses. But I just follow her for a while.

When she has further gone for a few house numbers, I return, because I know, that my female master and my master don't like it very much, when I go too far away. With them I also do it, for example when they go to their car in the street running parallel I follow them to the end of our street. My female master shouts at me then, but that doesn't hinder me from doing it again and again.
Now the woman with the handcart has told me, that soon she will not come back, because somebody else then should throw something into the letter box. But she has promised me, to visit me out here sometimes. She doesn't live far from here after all. I hope I will always be here when she comes.

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