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Issue 15/2005, June 9 2005 (No. 189)
German version
Writing for the web (15)
Fürs Netz schreiben (15) German version 

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Only being tied with a community we can be on our own. Only a person, who is on his own, can live in a community.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

In December and January Chirayu Parikh from Pune/ India and I tried to start a collaborative writing project. At the end of January it petered out, though we contemporary wrote a lot of long emails. I suppose it has failed because of different mentalities and interests.
One result of this period was the detailed English summary of my German articles. A few weeks ago the English summary cut the cord. There is now an own English version of my German articles. The title of this English version is 'The Daily Groove'. The English version is a little bit shorter than the German version, but this brevity has perhaps an interesting effect.
The daily routine of the editor is really changed by the work of translation. The work of translation is two-thirds of the editorial work. It's a very hard brainwork. (That's why I am going to allow myself a break until July 07 2005.)
There are probably still mistranslations. But they should keep within reasonable limits.  

For two months my lifetime companion Christine Cimbal-Marocke and I are living under the same roof. Her English is very good and she gives me her advice and support.
Thank you, my dear Christine!
(will be continued)

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The editor takes a break for a rest. The next issue will be published on July 07 2005.

Next issue 'The Daily Groove':
Thursday, July 07 2005

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