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Issue 18/2005, July 21 2005 (No. 192)
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I know a man who delivers papers in big West German city. He told me how he does his job in the early morning. I recorded his report which I pusblish here.

Nowadays one can get a vast amount of news via internet from servers from all over the world. The subscriber doesn't pick up his printed newspaper at the publishing house or at the newspaper kiosk. A newspaper deliverer throws the newspaper into the letterbox early in the morning. I am a paperman.
I use several aids to do my job: my bicycle, two panniers and a trailer. In one pannier is my little tool bag and my rainwear.
At half past three in the morning I arrive at a big kiosk, where I pick up my packages of newspapers. I take the packages to my bicycle. I cut the bands, which hold the papers together. I take off the polythene sheet, which shelters the papers from rain. Bands, polythene sheets and cover sheets are rubbish. I put my work gloves and most of the papers into the trailer. Then I shut the trailer. At last I put several issues of national newspapers into a pannier. Then I ride to the road, where I distribute the papers.  
symbolic picture: papers in post boxes
Symbolic picture: papers in post boxes
Before I start to distribute, I put on the gloves. The gloves protect my hands from sharp edges of mail box slots and door mail slots. In winter they protect them from cold. I cut off the tips of the right glove.So I can better feel for the papers in the dark.
My gloves are tattered and full of holes. The inside is as black as night. The printing ink left its mark. I distribute many thousand papers a year.

About the different noises a paper man hears, while he is doing his job.
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