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Krautzi’ s greeting in the morning

Cat Proverbs




You can nearly rely on her at the same time. Our new family part who already lives with us for some months comes into the kitchen at the same time every morning. Her face looks distorted of tireness then and she crawls a little bit shaking to the stove to fill up the water boiler. So she did this morning too of which I, Krautzi, will tell you now.

Why isn't anybody doing something?
Normally she at once should have sawn what had happened. Kritzi also gave me a mad look, halfly requesting me to do something. But I had no idea. Meanwhile our second female master made herself comfortable at the breakfast table, slurped her tea and ate her porridge with delight. Slowly life returned to her face, she looked around her but didn’t notice anything. Now it was really high time. I placed myself in front of my master’s door and sreemed loudly: 'Auuu', rised my paws rebelliously and pressed myself against the closed door.

Open the door.

The woman looked at me a little amazed but suddenly her face turned to stone. She looked around startled and saw, that the bicycle and the bicycle trailer were still standing in the kitchen. Was something happened to our master? Quickly she jumped up, opened the bedroom door carefully to see what has happened. After that a man with sleepy eyes trotted into the kitchen, didn’t have a look at me at first but then quickly slipped into his cloths. I stood beside him some bewildered and was waiting for a “Thank you“ actually. Some later when I didn’t think about it any longer my master ruffled my fur.

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The next issue 'Cats talk' will (surely!) be published on July 26 2006, because the programmer is in the hospital.
         If you don't feed the cats you must feed the rats.

Wanton kittens make sober cats.

The cat is a good friend but she scratches.

A cat may look on a king.
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