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Issue 6/2010, April 2 2010 (No. 306)

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Peter Muller - a proprietor and a philosopher

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Peter Müller in his restaurant 'Henny's Gute Stuben' (= 'Henny's Parlor')
Peter Müller in his restaurant 'Henny's Gute Stuben' (= 'Henny's Parlor') - four small tables and a long bar are the most important items of furniture in the narrow lounge.

  Top left behind the bar you see the big menu card.

The name 'Henny's Gute Stuben' (= 'Henny's Parlor') has been well known in the street 'Bei Den Drei Pfahlen' almost for the time Peter Muller lives. Perhaps in 1950 his parents Henny and Albert Muller started a tavern in a long-ago demolished flat-roofed building bordering that road. At this tavern everybody, who was left over during the night on his own, got a snack and found a person to talk with up to 5 or 6 o'clock in the morning. Pizza deliveries were not and television receivers much less common than today. The new premises were opened in the house No. 6, where the restaurant is up to now, in April 1961.
After Peter Muller had completed an apprenticeship in cooking in the Bremen Lloyd Hotel in 1966, he undertook the customary years of travel, during which he took a good dozen of positions in various places and worked for very different employers such as a hotel on an iland, a US army kitchen and the galley of turbine steamer Bremen. In 1975 he finally started to support his parents in running 'Henny's Parlor'.
He told me that he had had to see that the times had changed. Very various people still had a businessman's lunch at the restaurant - craftsmen, clerks e.g from a nearby office tower and freelancers such as layers. But the increasing prosperity level started to drive people apart. People's mind was conquered by pursuit of money - for a new car, a stereo or a holiday travel. People gobbled their meal down.
  People thought that they didn't need a talk with a bar neighbor any longer. But this oldfashioned exchange of experience at the bar and across the bar is the very thing Peter Muller appreciates at work.
Peter Muller, an impish philosopher
Peter Muller, an impish philosopher
Many a customer appreciates his advices, be it a released convict, a lonely pensioner or an ordinary worker, who has ordinary problems. Peter Muller is worried, that many a worker might lose his job because of the slump and may not have money anymore to pay for Peter Muller's consulting hours at the bar. And that would be not only a financial loss for the proprietor.

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