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Issue 8/2011, May 18 2011 (No. 327)

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Traffic Noise in the Woltmerhauser Road in Bremen

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From the top of a bank you have a good view of the junction of Simon Bolivar Road (in the back) and Woltmershauser Road (in the front) in Bremen and perceive the traffic noise in an intense way.
From the top of a bank you have a good view of the junction of Simon Bolivar Road (in the back) and Woltmershauser Road (in the front) in Bremen and perceive the traffic noise in an intense way.
  At the lower margin you see the handrail of a stairs which runs from the top of the bank to the Woltmershauser Road.

Work requires infrastructure.
Battle cry of a party for the present Bremen election battlef

Riding my bike I turn off from the Woltermershauser Road into the Simon Bolivar Road several times a year. When I was recently roaming about the Woltmershausen waterfront, I spotted a stairs which goes down an embankment directly to the road fork.
I first stayed at the top of the stairs for a moment, because I was staggered by the new view of my old 'beaten track'. After a while I sat down on the topmost stair. From a bird's-eye view I perceived the disturbance and the traffic noise more than I had perceived it from the view of a road user.
Even from this view, especially those numerous trucks, which were crossing that road fork, looked like big noisy monsters, the roaring of which drowned everthing. The roaring was mixed with the klicks of gear changes, the hissing of compressed air and squeak of breaks. Sometimes, the load clanked on an open trailer.
The second most important noisemakers were little scooters, which sounded like driving circular saws. Those many cars, which I saw, almost only emitted a constant, but comparatively quiet hissing. But there were also exceptions - humming basses of a car stereo, which was turned up as far as it would go, sometimes drowned even the trucks. I didn't hear the local trains, which passed over the several dozens of meters distant rail bridge , I only saw them. The bikers were also rarely audible, when e.g. a loose component was rattling at a more quiet moment or when an eager and proud bicyclist was applying the bell in order to go ahead.
The rustling of the leaves of the numerous trees was never audible, at most a loud bird call was able to prevail against the traffic noise for a minute moment. However, the birds mostly had no chance, because machines roared in the halls of the adjacent commercial and industrial area again and again. Needless to say that no people stayed on the sidewalk or the little square near the road fork, e.g in order to chat a bit.

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