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Mats and Minni

Mats und Minni

Cat Proverbs

When the cat is away the mice will play.
The cat is honest when the meat is out of her reach.
There are many ways of skinning a cat.
The cat who frightens the mice away is as good as the cat who eats them'
German Proverb

We are two still young striped domestic cats, who moved out of the pound. We had unfortunately been abandoned, but we fortunately first found a shelter there. Later we were kindly hostedd by a nice couple, who has a middle-sized house with a garden. 'Oh miau,' we thought by ourselves, 'that's not bad.' After we had quickly got used to it, we both were introduced to the veterinarian. With me, Mats, everything was okay. But my sister has a little heart defect. Since then every morning she takes a medical powder, which is served in a very delicious paste. I'm also allowed to nibble from the paste but without the medical powder.
As our Dad and Mum needed some holidays and wanted to go away on a trip, they were looking for a foster person for us, who should look after us for 8 days. My sister started crying, when those people, who should care for us came to a visit. She thought, that we have to move once again. But I explained the situation to her, although I was mistrustful myself. After Dad and Mum had said good-bye to us having their suitcases and bags in their hands, we stayed on our own for the first time.
At last towards the evening the key turned in the keyhole. The woman of the two people was entering. At the same time Minni was hiding upstairs in the bedroom, and I kept sitting curiously. First the woman shut the flap downstairs. That made me a little bit angry.

Then she took a careful look on to our loo, which we had left clean. During the day we namely do it outside. Finally she filled up the feeding bowls, and I tenderly rubbed up against her legs. Meanwhile Minni appeared on the stairs but didn't come down. The woman talked to me and played with me a little while, then she left again. What a pity.
But the next morning she punctually returned. Now the ice was also broken with Minni. She rubbed her head in a friendly way at the foster mother and slobbered obediently her heart-paste. But I couldn't hardly wait to get from the delicious jelly feed. Because we mostly ate dry feed. The woman always stayed for a while, after we had eaten and she had played with us. Then she let us go outside through the cellar. So it went on for 8 days, and when the woman came and called 'Kiddies', we stood excited with joy in the living-room. When we had to say good-bye, we all had to suppress our tears. We were certainly very enjoyed, when our dad and mum came back, but we also had found a new friend.

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