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Issue 13/2010, July 16 2010 (No. 312)

German version

Young lady tried to wheedle a newspaper out of a paperman

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A pile of news papers
A pile of news papers

I know a man who delivers papers in big West German city. He told me about some experiences he had, when doing his job. I recorded his report which I pusblish here.
In the early morning I collect my newspaper bundles for delivery from kiosk. A several days ago in the morning, when I was sorting and packing my papers, two well dressed young ladies, who were apparently elder schoolgirls, biked towards me.
One schoolgirl went into the kiosk, the other one sat down on a pile of newspapers which a colleague had to deliver. Then she asked me ‚Could you give me a paper?' I shot a glance at her and said ‚No! You don't look like a person who has no money to buy a paper.' The young lady answered to that ‚That's okay in that we have a subscription' I retorted ‚That's not only okay in that respect, it's absolutely okay that I don't present you a paper.'
  A break of silence occurred . Then she patronizingly asked ‚Where do you deliver all these newpapers to?' I had to make myself clear ‚I don't want to converse with you.' She responded with a brief peeved ‚Okay'.
Almost at the same moment the other schoolgirl rushed out of the kiosk and shouted out to her friend in an indignant tone of voice ‚I have something to tell you!' Her friend likewise indignantly responded ‚So do I.' Then they drove away.
The man who works in the kiosk later told me what had happened. The schoolgirl had asked him, obviously in the same patronizing way ‚Isn't it boring here at night?' He had answered to that ‚No, it isn't. Somebody always steps in and asks ‚Isn't it boring here at night?'

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