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Issue 16/2010, October 8 2010 (No. 315)

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Klein-Mexiko Issue 5 (Special Edition) Out Now

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A small medium, you call your own, is better than a big one, the others own.
Volksfoto, Photography Journal, Issue 2, Berlin 1977, Page 59

There is a new printed issue. It is issue # 5 and it has the additional designation 'Extra' (that means 'special edtion'). Already on the face of it, this issue is different from the previous Klein-Mexiko brochures. It is in A5. The reason therefor is that I print A4 sheets by means of my laser printer on one side. I fold those sheets in the middle and in that way that one can only see the imprinted side. Then I bind those folded sheets with a plastic spine. The publication is completely an own print. It is not avaialble in bookshops and from newsagents. For now the publishing house will not offer dispatch of the booklet.
The booklet title is 'People and Places in the Bremen Suburbs Tenever, Kattenturm, Oslebshausen, Horn and Klein Mexiko.'I compiled lightly revised reports about the situation in Bremen suburbs from the years 2002 - 2007 and new texts from the year 2010. Some details may now not exactly be the same as those I described a few years ago. Nevertheless, it appears to me that those texts and photographs have been meaningful up to now, because as far as the position of children and immigrants in those suburbs is concerned I haven't forgotten the genesis of those reports up to now. Those reports are likewise an attempt to compile five descriptions of urban places.
I turned my attention to those places for a lengthy period of time and from a perspective, which was sometimes not common.
Klein-Mexiko issue # 5 (Special edition)
Klein-Mexiko issue # 5 (Special edition)
This perspective and the unagitated view of people and architecture perhaps enables one to realize that those neighborhoods are not pure deprived areas, not pure exclusive residential areas and not pure middle class suburbs.

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