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Issue 20/2010, December 23 2010 (No. 319)

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First Responses on Klein-Mexiko Issue # 5

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A small medium, you call your own, is better than a big one, the others own.
Volksfoto, Photography Journal, Issue 2, Berlin 1977, Page 59

I got some feedback on my printed issue # 5 in the meantime. The publication is unmistakably an own print. I don't know, if that's the reason why many people don't even dip into the booklet. Because of some exiguous evidences I assume that this is the case. On the contrary, there are people who take hold of the booklet and delight in its unorthodox but careful workmanship. They perhaps intuit how arduous it is to manufacture and market such a publication.
I have consciously denied myself so-called public relations for this issue. So I got no response from the press, but I still know how several acquaintances received the booklet. Quite a few readers noticed that the publication isn't a profound sociological study. The author contented himself with explicitly describing places and people. Those readers had also enough power of imagination to realize that such a characterization can only be achieved if the author is able to gain people's trust.
Some readers obviously less appreciate the detailled descriptions of squares and streets I visited. On the other hand other readers encouraged me to maintain just this epic broadness. Up to now, I have got no feedback on the photographs which illustrate the texts. That's in accord with my self-assessment that I am at best a moderately ambitious amateur photographer.
My booklet bag
My booklet bag
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