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Issue 20/2008, October 9 2008 (No. 270)

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To all lend thy ear, but few thy tongue

William Shakespeare

A few days ago a brochure fell towards me out of a newspaper. A private television station had published that brochure because of its one-year existence. The managing partner of this television station is the son of a man, who was once a very important local bigwig. On the second page of the brochure the managing partner of the television station announced ‚We don't place special emphasis on negative headlines, we try to put stress on things which show our towns at their best.'
On the next page of the brochure the managers of the companies, which have a share in the television station, got a chance to speak. Those companies are an energy and telecommunication combine, a savings bank, a logistics company and a newspaper publishing company. In the brochure I also saw praising words of a man, who now has the same high position and the same party membership as the father of the managing partner of the television station, and I also saw benevolent statements of the opposition leader and of the manager of a tourism promotion agency and of the manger of location marketing company.
When I took a look at the official website of the our town in order to get information about location marketing company, I saw a banner advertisement of a energy supply company. The banner advertisement said, that the managing partner of the aforementioned logistics company ‚was good for' the town. When I was looking for information about the energy supply company, I saw, that the company is a associate company of the energy and telecommunication combine, which has a share in the television station.
On the last pages of the brochure I saw advertisements, which were congratulations for one-year existence. Those advertisements had been placed by the aforementioned newspaper publishing company and the aforementioned savings bank, which have shares in the television station. Furthermore I found an advertisement of an educational institute, which the managing partner of the aforementioned logistics company had brought into being, and an advertisement of the telecommunication company, which is a part of of the energy and telecommunication combine, which has a share in the television station. On the website of this telecommunication company I stumbled upon a link, by means of which I could watch the program of the television station.
  A few days ago I saw an advertisement of the aforementioned energy supply company in the local section of a minor national newspaper, which publishes alternative political views.
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In this advertisement the aforementioned managing partner of the logistics company was praised as man, who ‚is good for' the town. That ‚alternative' newspaper had sneered at the economic integration of the aforementioned newspaper publishing house and the television station. Furthermore the newspaper had jeered, that the managing partner of the television station ‚doesn't place special emphasis on negative headlines'.

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The international poster organisation Loesje has started a project to train young people from all over Europe and Asia in how to organise and coordinate information campaigns about the Millennium Development Goals. These goals are set by the United Nations to fight poverty and to improve living standards world wide.

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