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Plans to move

Has the old she cat to move?

Cat Proverbs

All cats look gray in the dark.

A cat has nine lives.

When the cat is away the mice will play.

The cat is honest when the meat is out of her reach.

My name is 'Pussy'. Yes, indeed, that is my name. Sometimes I'm also called 'Mintje', because I am supposed to look as like as an old lady, who had died long ago. I am living in Logabirum, that is in the town of Leer, with an old lady. About her this story is also talking about, but I will come to it later.
I have lived with her since 1994, so I am no longer quit young . But I have it really fine. In the summer there is a big garden, where I can hide very well, and apart from that I have a lot of space in our house and can look for different sleeping-places everytime. But in the morning, when my mum is still sleeping, I am waiting in front of her bedroom-door for her.
As I am not quit healthy anymore I have to take pills periodically. But the old ladys' daughter cares for it, because my mum isn't able to do it anymore. Here the problem starts, because my mum can't help herself alone any longer and continually needs help from her daughter and her son-in-law.

For nearly a half year that has been going on this way, and I get more and more worry lines, when I have a look on it. Because it can't go on like this for a long time.
I wonder what will happen to me, when my mum cannot care for me any longer and perhaps has to move over in a nursing home. I believe she can't take me with her there. Her daughter is very lovely to me, and I have forgiven her long ago, that she sometimes puts me in a basket, when I have to visit the veterinarian. She has already offered me to live with her but there is already living a tom-cat and I wonder, whether I agree with him. I really would't have thought, that eventually I have to move in my age for one more time. But I do hope, that perhaps it will not happen. My mum is living here still.

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