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Lisa, the heraldic animal of the WKKP, died some days ago.

Cats of the night

Cats of the night

Cat Proverbs

'A cat may go to a monastery, but she still remains a cat'
Ethiopian proverb

'Ye shall not possess any beast, my dear sisters, except only a cat.'
The Ancren Riewle (Nun's Rule)

'The cat is nature's Beauty.'
French Proverb

When rats infest the Palace a lame cat is better than the swiftest horse.'
Chinese Proverb

When I leave home in the early morning there is nearly nobody on the streets. But I don't stay on my own for a long time. Right at the next street-corner a black-white spotted cat is looking asking, when I'm passing her. I'm afraid I only have time for a short greeting. She seems to be indulgent with me. A long main-street is in front of me. Sometimes a creature meets me there who looks as like as the neighbour-cat I speak to her and she answers: 'I don't know you.'
I enter a crossroads. Now I have to turn right and then I reach my destination. There I see some black-white figure on the other side of the street. I'm calling for it, but it is disappearing into the front garden and I can't follow it. A short time without any meeting comes after that. But suddenly- I'm hearing a rustling. A yellow-striped little tiger is flitting out of the bushes. His eyes are looking some fearfully. Carefully I'm holding my hand in front of his face. He is sniffing softly on it, and I even may stroke him.
About half an hour goes by, until I believe to meet a girl-friend. Is it Kritzi? Impossible, she is still sleeping in the kitchen. But this black one is as fast as she is. With one leap she is disappearing in the darkness.

After a short time the street passes over to a roadworks. Some sinister noisecomes out of it. Suddenly a scream: 'Miauuuuuuhhh' and once more again. I don't see anything, do my work a little bit nervos.
At last I discover the responsible party of the screaming. Who has been the one he has been fighting with? Perhaps it was the little black one of only just. He doesn't blab out it to me. I go further and think I am alone. Now I have run too fast, because I have frightened a grey-striped cat. Shy as she is she is running away und I feel angry about my carelessness.
I habe nearly finished my work, when I reach a quiet side street. But I can see no pussy as far as I look. However, behind the door with the letter box stands a scratchtree. Upon there is enthroning a striped pussy with soft eyes. I am speeking to her through the glasdoor. She stays sitting motionless. Perhaps she is a real housetiger. Then I go home.
Coming home I unlock the door and will be welcomed by my two cats. And Kritzi is lying on the kitchen-chair. Where Krautzi is just - who knows?

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We would like to point out that we translated articles from German into English for the purpose of service. We would like to make it clear that the German translations are deciding, because the articles are directed to users who live in Germany.

Wir möchten darauf hinweisen, dass wir zu Servicezwecken englische Übersetzungen vorgenommen haben. Klarstellen möchten wir, dass maßgeblich die deutsche Übersetzung ist. Grund dessen ist, dass wir uns an in Deutschland ansässige Nutzer wenden.

The next issue 'Cats talk' will be published on January 1 2008.
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