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Cat Proverbs

All cats look gray in the dark.

A cat has nine lives.

When the cat is away the mice will play.

The cat is honest when the meat is out of her reach.

When I, Krautzi, had to say 'Good bye' last February, my greatest worry was devoted to my sister Kritzi. She is also no longer the youngest and has her senile problems. For a long time already she had to eat this pills of feed, whatever it was good for. Now, nearly one year later, she has external changed herself very much. Her body has become smaller, she goes doddery with her thin legs, and she also doesn't have her personal hygiene under control quit well.
But Kritzi wouldn't be Kritzi, if she would give in with all these problems. It's true, that she often sits behind the heating, but when she comes out, she says to my master and his wife what she wants with a determining voice. It is either the food, of what she means not enough to have, or she wants to sit on someones knee with her not fragrant body.
I still remember well, that she often chased me away from the bench, when she was in the mood for it. Now there are days, when my master and his wife belief, that she will not live much too long. Then she is been put into the pet-caddy and carried to the doctor. There she gets one or two injections, and they go home again. Then I'm wondering, what kind of wonder cure that is, that keeps her fit quit well.

Oh, how beautiful where the times when we both were still young and playful. It's true that we often scuffeled, I was regularly pursued by her up to the kitchen, but we always got on well again and we lay together on bed. One time she got lost for one day. My master and I were worried about her very much and we thought, she wouldn't come back again. Unfortunately the poor was locked up and only because of a chance she was rescued. Since then she always stayed near home while I was on my travels some time.
In summer we really enjoyed climbing over the fence on our former neighbours' property to lay down there on the greasy air mattress. Our master didn't agree with it at all. But this times are over now, and some time Kritzi will be standing before me and say, as she often said to me in her life times: ‚You are unable to do this.'

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