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Cats' War

Cat warrior

Cat Proverbs

There are many ways of skinning a cat.

The cat who frightens the mice away is as good as the cat who eats them'
German proverb

'A cat bitten once by a snake dreads even rope'
Arab Proverb

It was one of these early Sunday mornings, when I was spending my time in my district, in order to distribute newspapers. In the first street, where I work, I'm not welcome by everybody. Some people complain about noise pollution, which I'm supposed to cause, and I take care very exactly, to get over this route with my heavy wheelbarrow as silently as possible. Well as a human being I am able, to have considerations for one or the other up to a certain point. But what about the animals?
Are they able to estimate sensetivety to noise and to behave in another way if necessary? - hardly. Cats are considered to be very calm apart from some exeptions. Occasionally I meet cats, who shortly look at me but then run away noiselessly and quite fastly. But on this morning something quite different happened. I was just about to take a searching look on my customers-list. Suddenly a deafening screem could be heard, which came from the opposite direction.

The more I went the more it was louder. I was fearing. Not because of the cats, who caused this screeming but because of the people, who now probably would run out of their door furiously, sreeming theirselves, throwing stones after the cats if the worst came to the worst beat them to death. My heart was fastly beating, what only should I do? Meanwhile I exactly located, where this noise came from.
At least two cats didn't seem to get on at all. I literally saw their ruffeled neckhair and their bared teeth in front of me. Helpless I went on and feared for their lives. After a short stop I turned around and stepped cautiously toward the old stone stairs, where the cats fought their war. When I entered there, it suddenly became silent. A little cat looked out from behind and whispered: 'Never heard of a cat-wedding?'

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