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Issue 4/2009, February 13 2008 (No. 279)

German version
Angles of Vision (3)

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The wide road in an area in front of the central station was well visible.

  You see towers with authority offices and offices of firms in the background.

I took a look at the scenery from a viewpoint on the ground again.

  The leftmost building is the old post office.

A few days ago I stayed on a skywalk for a while. The road, which is spanned by this footbridge, is very busy and right next to the central station. On my way there, just before my destination, a sign caught my eye at the entrance of a tunnel. The sign prohibited the carrying of any kind of weapons on one's person in a one-square-kilometre area in front of the central station.
To the left of the tunnel's entrance just behind a little brick house there had been a spot where drug addicts had shot up. When I started to go through the tunnel in order to reach the skywalk, a young woman and a young man, who carried a half-empty bottle of hard liquor, came towards me. The footbridge is right in front of the entrance of the tunnel. In the past homeless persons had slept under the shelter of the footbridge and the railway embankment, through which the tunnel runs.
The view from the bridge first revealed the fact that the area, which was visible from this viewpoint, was almost completely asphalted and paved. The road markings, the tram tracks and also the stream of vehicles and people were clearly outlined against that almost contrastless surface. The buildings were occupied by Federal State Authority offices, post offices, shops, tradeunion offices and hotels.
This place is a place of thoroughfare for almost all people, who come there. That doesn't only go for the car drivers, who race on the wide road below the bridge, it also goes for the people, who go to the post office and who work in the offices, and for the businessmen, who stay the night at a hotel.
  They are all isolated individuals, who are only combined by the same direction of the current. In my perception, even the tall buildings, which surround this place, looked more like a wall of stones than separate houses.
When I took a look at the scenery from a viewpoint on the ground again, I saw not only the distinct faces of the people, but also the different facades of the buildings. I saw that the old post office building had a decorated brick façade. The grey cladding of the soaring Tivoli tower, however, gave me the cold shoulder. That swayed my feeling.
Also the trees, both near by and far away, now looked down on me again. And I looked up at their top and saw the nests of the crows which indeed lived there and were not only on their way through.

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