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Issue 3/2009, January 30 2008 (No. 278)

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Angles of Vision (2)

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The gate to a big industrial firm in the suburb looked deterrent.

  It largely obscured my view of the company grounds.

A few days ago I longed to take a photograph, which was meant to show a bird's-eye view of a sector of the company grounds of a big industrial firm from a foot-bridge in a suburb. But when I came there, I had to see, that I had only been under the illusion that there was foot-bridge.
At an other place I finally saw a high earth bank, that had been heaped up in front of the fencing of the company grounds. I climbed the earth bank. The fencing, which had recently seemed to be massive and deterrent, had been disappeared from my field of vision. I had a broad view of a section of the company grounds. I saw huge factory buildings with slim rows of windows, which looked like viewing slots. I had a view of a parking lot, where innumerable cars stood close together.
I moved along on the bank. From an other position I was able to see an other larger section of the company grounds. But in the end the sight was also grim - very large parking lots, strung-out and high factory buildings with slim rows of small windows.
I finally climbed dowm the earth bank and biked home. Several people strolled in the street in front of the earth bank, so I supposed that a lot of employees of the factories obviously just broke off for lunch. I passed them on my bike.
  When I was biking home, I thought about the question wether it is possible to climb a hill also in world of terms in order to see the word with different eyes. It came into my mind, that the people, who in those factory buildings, are usually called 'jobholders'. But do they really 'hold a job'? Don't they also give their manpower to the taskmaster? Aren't they also manpowermasters?

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