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Issue 5/2011, March 25 2011 (No. 324)

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No Visual Axis or A Praise Of The Window

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unser Küchenfenster wie es unsere Nachbarn von ihrem Küchenfenster aus sehen

From their kitchen window our neighbors don't see very much of our kitchen window even during the cold season. When the lilac tree and the rose bush bear leaves, allmost all view is blocked for the neighbors and us. But then we can see so much more ot the leaves and the blossoms. In spite of having sometimes been pruned the tree has grown to a considerable height during the thirty years, when I have lived in the house up to now. Many years ago I was still able to look directly at the kitchen window of the neigbor's house. Several families have lived behind that pane over the years.
How many times I was able to recognize the reason of a noise from the path or from the dooryard by looking out of the window?
How many times did the light, which poured into the quite dark house through the window, convey comfort to me for a moment during all those years? How many times did I look past the tree and at the path in gleeful or fearful anticipation, wether I was waiting for the postwoman or was exspecting visitors? It was always better to face a feared or hoped-for incident than to be confronted with its immediate occurrence.
But few months ago, by events in the neighborhood, we got to know that a window can also bring along unpredictable incidents. It is a possible unwanted gateway to our private world. Ever since then we have particularly protected those gateways. Thus the window has somewhat lost its 'innocence'.

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