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Issue 20/2005, August 4 2005 (No. 194)
German version
Social Change in Klein Mexiko (Bremen)
Sozialer Wandel in Klein Mexiko in Bremen German version 

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All the lonely people,where do they all come from?
All the lonely people,where do they all belong?

The Beatles: Eleanor Rigby

A few days ago I checked my archives of photographs. I came across an unsuccessful photograph. I mistakenly pressed the shutter release. In this way I got a photograph, which shows a partial view of the white outer wall of our house and of the front door. The photograph shows a former condition. One can see the former knob and the former lock of the front door.
This knob and this lock were thirty or forty years old. They were probably made of brass. On the knob there was an erratic relief. The metal fitting was fastened on the door with screws, which were reachable from outside. The cylinder of the lock jutted out. A burglar could quickly break open the lock.
But I wasn't afraid of burglars. I had lived alone in the house for twenty years, before my girlfriend moved in this year in March. The small terrace houses are crowded together.(please read more about our terraced housing estate Little Mexico) In the next-door houses there lived many families. The children played in the street. Above all the elderly neighbours now and then made sure everything's all right.
A few weeks ago a work man installed a new lock into the door. He also attached a new metal fitting to the door.  

One can see the former knob and the former lock of our front door on the unsuccessful photograph.
We had the lock replaced, because we didn't trust in the watchfulness of our neighbours any longer. Several old neighbours died. Their heirs sold the houses. Elderly single persons or childless couples for example bought a house. In several cases the children moved out of the house and their parents are living alone now. People generally are more on their own.
(My girlfriend Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)

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