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Issue 7/2007, April 15 2007 (No. 235)

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Turkish for beginners
Title of a current TV series on the public television in Germany

A few months ago I saw a tram with an extensive advertising for Turkish food for the first time. On that advertising space there was among other things the logo of the company, an English lettering 'ethnic & organic foods' and pictures of various packed foodstuffs. I think that I also saw the German lettering 'Traditional Mediterranean cuisine'.
Up until that point that I used to associate with Turkish food the Turkish small greengrocer on the corner and the delicatessen shelves at the supermarket. That advertising was spotlightingly demonstrating to me that the Turkish immigrants have now arrived in our midst. That sort of advertising is expensive and the advertising experts only take those ads out, when they are sure that there are a lot of people who are interested in the promoted products.
A few days ago I was once more astounded to see that advertising. I didn't see it in real life, I saw it in a picture I had taken a few weeks ago. A bus with that advertising was in the background of the picture and it was fuzzily portrayed. That advertising had been taken out so frequently that it had a chance to get into the picture.
The day before yesterday I spent for a little while at the tram iunction in front of the central station in the hope of seeing again a tram with that advertising. But it was a waste of time. Instead of a tram with that advertising I saw other things. A delivery van with the logo of the company was crossing a nearby iunction. At present there are a lot of kiosks in front of the central station. At those kiosks you can buy lottery tickets. The proceeds from the sale of those tickets are spent on the tending of an extensive public park in Bremen.
Werbung für türkische Lebensmittel
Advertising for Turkish food
In front of the kiosks there are some tallish showcases. The companies, which donate prizes to the lottery, display their products in those showcases. I saw that the firm, which sells the Turkish food, was also one of the donators.
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)

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