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Issue 10/2010, May 28 2010 (No. 309)

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A vegetable garden in clay pots in our backyard

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Some of the clay and terracotta pots with plants in our backyard
Some of the clay and terracotta pots with plants in our backyard

Our backyard, the condition of which no one of our neighbors is allowed to comment on, is an area of about 30 square metres. Half of it is almost always overshadowed by our tall old wild plum tree. In summer we are sometimes sitting in this shadow. The other half of our backyard is paved and the sun shines on it from noon till evening.
A person who regulary reads this column knows, that we are people who don't have much money. The only place for us to take a vacation is the place under the plum tree. The only place to raise vegetables for self-reliance is the paved half of the backyard.
  So we redesignated several clay and terracotta flowerpots as vegetable garden in which we planted kohlrabies, cauliflowers, courgettes, tomatoes, pumpkins and many culinary herbs
Every morning after breakfast we step out into the vegetable garden. We are glad when we see the vegetables growing. We are sad,when we see a leave wilting. We reposition a pot, when we realize that a plant disagrees with its present habitat. We encourage the plants, when we realize that they thrive. This way also our souls get sustenance, already well before the first vegetables will be harvested.

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