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Issue 11/2007, June 28 2007 (No. 239)

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City’s inhabitans sometimes try to create themselves a nice environment, even though they live in monotonous blocks of flats. Over the years I collected some examples for such little initiatives of embelishment.
The first example I found in Winter 1999/2000 in a quarter in the West End of Bremen, where many poor people live. There you find blocks, where entrances and front gardens in rows often look rather shabby. In one of those blocks I found an entrance area, which obviously had been renovated in self-work. In front of the entrance the tenants had positioned two banks and an aviary.
The last year in spring I roamed through a suburb in the South End of Bremen, where at some places there builds up a lot of human disaster. But there are also residential buildings, where people live, who a little bit more belong to the middle-class. In front of such a residential building I found a little piled up hillock which had once been laid out with loving care. On the top of the hillock was located an artificially laid out fishpond.

In the East End of Bremen I found a nice flower garden which was a bit overgrown.
Not rarely one single person mainly pursues such an initiative of embelishment. In the East End of Bremen I found a flower garden which was a bit overgrown, but one could see that it had once been laid out with loving care. The garden was in front of a row of uniform blocks. A resident told me that the garden had once been laid out by a single man and that there had once been also a fishpond. He said that the man couldn't tend the garden any longer.

On the top of the hillock in front of residential buildings was located an artificially laid out fishpond.
A little decoration sometimes embelishes a front entrance which was dreary before.
Not far from that flower garden I found an embelished front door of a block. A glass door pane was decorated with window films. The subjects of the window films were flowers. That was a cheerful welcome to all occupants and guests.
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)

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