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Column 12/2005, May 23 2005 (No. 187)
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All great men are unassuming.
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

My old friend from student days has an answering machine. The present announcement of this machine is: 'Practice of holistic kinesiology and health promotion ... '
Last year in spring my girlfriend pointed an article out to me. The article was published in the parish paper of the St. Remberti Church (Bremen - Schwachhausen): The parish promoted a ten-month-long course for volunteers, which was once two weeks. The volunteers should be enabled to visit and to advise parishioners and people, who live in the quarter. Reasons for visiting people were among other things birthdays, moves, isolation, personal crisis and Alzheimer's disease.
In the parish paper there was also an advertisement of a non-medical practioner. In the advertisement was a misprint: They wrote 'Heilpraktikant' (that means: practical trainee of curing) instead of 'Heilpraktiker'(non-medical practioner). Some time later I saw that advertisment (without misprints) in the periodical of the chamber of commerce. The quarter, where the St. Remberti Church is, is a wealthy one.
Last year in autumn I got an exceptional advertising leaflet: In a repertory cinema ran a five-hour film about the German miracle healer Bruno Gröning. In the year 1949 people went and saw him in the Westphalian city of Herford by the thousands. They say he cured scores of people of their complaints. His motto was: 'There is no incurable disease - God is the greatest doctor.'

At the beginning, seventy years ago, my quarter, Little Mexico, was a poor man's quarter. Later on it was a stronghold of handcrafters, workmen and inferior employees. In recent years amongst others people moved here, which carry out therapeutic occupations: a psychologist, a breathing- and kinetopedagogue. In the neighbourhood there is also a woman, who teaches African dance.

Vermietung = rental; Neueröffnung = opening; Leben & Wohlbefinden = life & well-being; beauty & home = beauty & home; Ernährung = diet; Dekoration = decoration; Familie = family; Astrologie = astrology; Kosmetik = beauty treatment; Erfolg = success; Musik = music; Liebe = love; Urlaub = holidays
In an advertising leaflet she writes about the therapeutic effects of African dancing: 'Natural vitality will be perceptible again, tenseness and blockades may be solved and one breathes free again.'
In the road, where I distribute the newspaper in the morning, practices mushroom up. Would you like to learn an example? Recently I saw a little nameplate of white paper on a letterbox. I read a green writing: 'Practice of integral personality development'
At the road's end there is a bell and a simple namesplate with the writing 'Dr.' and a common name beside a door already for a long time. It aroused my curiosity. I phoned the doctor. A friendly unassuming woman's voice answered. The woman is a medical specialist of psychotherapy.
We talked to each other about the present glut of therapists. She called my attention to an important detail. Most of the non-medical therapists don't have contracts with health insurance schemes. The clients of those therapists have to pay for the therapy out of their own pocket.
After that conversation I started to look for informations about the new sideline of my old friend. After googleling a while I found the website of the U. S. Kinesiology Training Institute
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