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Issue 18/2006, October 19 2006 (No. 224)

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Free from problems by slight tapping!
Patented(!) advertising slogan (rough translation) of a company which promises to cure people of various mental and physical problems

I'd again been having a look around the world of vending machines for chewing gum. A vending machine near to my housing estate especially catched my eye.

A sticker on the cabinet of a vending-machine for chewing gums
A bright yellow sticker was emblazoned on the cabinet of the machine. On the sticker was the striking writing 'Now on SUPER RTL' (Super RTL is a commercial TV channel). The broadcasting time was announced less strikingly ' EVERY SATURDAY AT 2.55 PM'. There was no further information about the program the TV channel showed at that time, but one could speculate on the subject of the program. The sticker was on a vending machine for chewing gums, so one could suppose that the program contained advertising for the products you could get out of the machine.

Advertising labels on the receptacles of the vending machine
You could get two sorts of products out of the machine, chewing gums and bracelets. The chewing gums cost 20 Eurocents. On the receptacle for the chewing gums was lable with the advertising slogan 'Free yourself by chewing and get a kick out of it.' So consumption of chewing gums promised freedom. One sort of the bracelets was called 'power bracelet'. So they promised that the buyer would get 'power'. The label on the receptacle announced that the bracelets were 'Super' and came 'From America'. In terms of supply and demand they seemed to be not so very 'Super', because they earlier had ostensibly cost one Euro, but you could get them 'now for 50 Eurocents' on special offer. The other sort of bracelets was simply called 'bracelets' and still cost one Euro.

A vending machines for chewing gums was protected with a robust grille
I found that another vending machine,the picture of which I had taken a few months ago, was protected with a robust grille. You could hardly make out the content of the receptacles.

The same vending machine - a year ago
The comical advertising labels and the wide-meshed screen. weren't there no more. The appearance was dominated by protection against theft.

Advertising label on the receptacle of the same vending machine - a year ago
On the cabinet was a simple sticker with the writing 'You better be considerate'
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)
(to be continued)

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