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Issue 17/2006, October 5 2006 (No. 223)
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You feed it into your mouth and time passes ....
'Mister Karl' by Helmut Qualtinger

The photograph shows a still life which was taken in a very busy environment. The garbage can you see was at a tram stop in a very bustling residential and business area. It was fixed onto a steel tube. Smokers had been brimfully stuffing filters of burnt down cigarettes into the steel tube.
Seen in a sober light that steel tube was a small garbage dump of things which are left after inhalation (stowing away) of tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke contains the alkaloid nicotine. Small quantities of nicotine shortly have a stimulating effect on the autonomic nervous system and on the adrenaline level. This way nicotine shortly causes an artificial pleasant feeling.
At tram stops you can find a lot of filters which smokers have thrown away. The cause of this phenomenon may be that tram stops are places where people feel compelled to stand around doing nothing (on the surface) and to wait. This situation gives some poeple a little bit uneasy feeling. Some people suppress this uneasy feeling by means of an artificial pleasant feeling which is caused by consumption of nicotine.
But those people don't allow themselves this artificial pleasant feeling only at a tram stop. They physically and mentally took to allowing themselves this feeling at regular intervals by smoking a cigarette. But when they have finished the cigarette, the slight pleasant feeling is also over soon.
Filters of cigarettes in a steel tube Filters of cigarettes in a steel tube behind a garbage can
This feeling is fleeting. Equally people part with the leftovers of the agent which has caused the pleasent feeling. They throw it away on the spot or stuff it somewhere, for example into the steel tube behind the garbage can.
I am an expert on the subject I am just writing about. I had been smoking for a lot of years when I was already an adult.
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)
(to be continued)

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