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Issue 17/2005, July 14 2005 (No. 191)
German version
Little Mexico - car-free
Klein Mexiko - ohne Autos German version 

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...but one must be able to Breathe!
A.A. Milne: The House at Pooh Corner

We live in a little terraced housing estate, which is called 'Little Mexico' in common parlance . The little houses were built in 1927 as a solid reception camp for homeless and poor families. None of that families probably had a car. The planners didn't design the narrow roads as roads for cars.
Nowadays parking cars take up one third of the road and one third of the narrow pavement. The parking cars are lifeless things. They are more anonymous and more faceless than the houses. I know what's my neighbours house, but I don't know what's his car.
Around the shining car bodies there is an unvisable prohibited zone. Cars are also status symbols. One is not allowed to damage those status symbols. The parking cars with their prohibited zone finallay take up half the road.


This road is normally above all place to park.
But they not only take up half the street, they also often take up niches, which are neither road nor pavement.
The parking cars are a barrier, which reduces the visibility.  

Little Mexico, care-free one day long
Little children, who run onto the road, can't see cars, which come closer. The parking cars obstruct the view of the small gardens, little fences and small hedges in front of the houses.

The same road - car-free: One can now see the small gardens.
On June 21 the cars vanished into thin air all the day long. The roads were tarmaced. Suddenly one could see the small gardens. The houses behind the small fences looked taller. The impression of narrowness wore off.

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