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Lisa wants to aim high


Cat Proverbs

A cat may look on a king.

There are many ways of skinning a cat.

The cat who frightens the mice away is as good as the cat who eats them'
German proverb

'A cat bitten once by a snake dreads even rope'
Arab Proverb

It is time for me that I begin to speak because finally I am the heraldic animal of the WKKP, yes, exactly this one on the photograph. I listen for the name Lisa and when you call me I answer with a long 'Maaauuu'. Therefore some people believe, that I'm having a hard time, but it isn't so. Actually there was a time when I didn't feel so well but that is over now. Some years ago I namely moved out from my first home because my masters didn't understand me really. They thougt, that they only had to feed me and to give me something to drink and not to look after me very much. At this time I was quite slim, because I had no appetite.
But sometime I moved over two houses further in the right direction, scratched at the neighbours' door and asked whether they would like me. Those people were a little bit surprised, because they had already known me, but they willingly picked me up. Now, there only was to care for a cat-toilet and a feed-bowl with feed and nothing would stand in my way of a new cat-life.

My appetite then became greater and greater day by day and my abdomen some spherical. For this reason I decided to do a lot of sports. Near to our house stands a birch-tree. 'That's the ideal climbing-tree', I thought by myself and ond day I climed up to the treetop. That's that, but when I looked down I suddenly felt weak in my knees. How for heaven's sake I should come down again?
I began to miaow with fierce hoping that my family would hear me. After a while they at last came and managed to do everything possible to lure me from the tree. First they tried it with some treats but then finally they had to use the ladder to rescue me out of my unpleasant situation. How glad I was when I finally was on the earth again. Since that time I have never climbed a tree, and what is the problem to carry some pounds too much?

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