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Issue 15/2006, September 7 2006 (No. 221)
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Less is more.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Almost each person, who visits our website at regular intervals, knows that we have cats. We must buy cat feed and cat litter. Cat litter looks like chippings or very minute gravel. Cat litter must be scattered onto the bottom of a cat toilet.
A cat toilet looks like a small dog-house. It's made of plastic. Cats do their business in the cat toilet, when they stay at home. They dig their muck in cat litter. Cat litter absorbs all the bad smell and all the moisture of cat's excretion. On the packaging of the cat litter, which I always buy, is written 'XYZ cat litter in a matter of seconds absorbes moisture by its powerful soaking action and so prevents bad smell from the start.' That's right. That goes well, on condition that you replace the cat litter at regular intervals.
A few weeks ago we were in a supermarket for pet needs. At the checkout the cashier gave us a small bag. It was a free sample of an 'active deodorizer for cat toilets'. In the bag there was a powder. According to the directions for use one must evenly spread the powder on fresh cat litter in cat toilet'. According to the label of the bag the powder is firstly designed to deodorize the cat toilet and secondly designed to keep the cat litter fresh for quite a while.
A few days ago I was in the supermarket for pet needs again. I saw that there were six different sorts of deodorizers for cat toilets.They had been produced by three different companies. They cost from 4.50 Euro up to 7 Euro.
free sample of an 'active deodorizer for cat toilets'
A free sample of an 'active deodorizer for cat toilets'
There were about 20 different sorts of cat litter and 8 different sorts of cat toilets. The shelves with cat feed were about 40 metres long.I didn't pace the shelves with cat toy, cat-care products, cat vitamin preparations and cat cheese paste.
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)
(to be continued)

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