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Issue 1a/2006, February 3 2006 (No. 207)
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Finds (11a)
Fundsachen (11a) German version 

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I'll take no tea today,
I'll take time to think.

Probable author: Wolfgang Neuss

I found an empty thin-walled bowl made of black plastics in December 2005. The bowl was headfirst lying on a neglected lawn in front of a block of flats.(please also see 'Shadows 2/ English summary') This block of flats is a little bit the opposite of a residential suburb.I picked up the bowl . On the back of the bowl was a label.
The heading on the lable was 'meat of ham cut into strips, Greek spiced'. Below the heading was a list of ingredients: '80 % pork, 15 % onions, 5 % spice marinade (vegetable oil, cooking salt, spices (celeriac, caraway, cumin, coriander, fennel, parsley), paprika flavor salt (carrier substance: sorbitol), stabiliser (sodium acetates, sodium citrates) flavour enhancer: monosodium glutamate, antioxidants: (ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate), glucose syrup, thickener: guar gum, stabiliser: sodium lactate)'.
The next paragraph explained how to make the ready-to-serve meal. ' Heat the oil in a frying pan, put the prepared meat into it, sauté it for about five minutes. Then fry it for five minutes on a medium heat. Add a lacing of white vine and cream to enhance the flavour. Suggestion for garnishings: coleslaw and tsatsiki'
Below this paragraph were several symbols like seals. First of all there was the symbol the so-called 'Green Point'. It indicates, that the manufacturer of this food packaging pays licence fee to a big company. In return for the license fee the company collects, sorts and recycles the packaging.
Next to the symbol of the 'Green Point' was the oval health mark.In this instance the health mark comprised the character string 'D EV( a three-digit number followed) EWG' .

The back of the bowl.
'D' is the country of processing, in this instance Germany. 'EV' means, that the manufaturing firm is a processing establishments for meat. The three-digit number indicates the establishment where the product was last processed. (Health marks don't show which country the food or its ingredients came from.) Establisments who got this number have to produce food to the strict standards of hygienic food production, which are in force all over the EEC.
At the bottom left there was a kind of seal on the label. This circular seal was also on the front of the packaging. On the front it was enlarged and red like sealing wax. On the seal was a circular writing 'German institute for food.....a.s.o..Ltd' In the middle of the seal was an illegible signature of a doctor. Below the conspicuous signature was printed 'Mister Dr Christian XYZ' and in small print 'certified food chemist - Hamburg' Below the seal was a big inscription 'quality control'.

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