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Issue 1b/2006, February 3 2006 (No. 207)
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'Cook a compliment to yourself'.'
Inscription on a packaging of a ready-to-serve meal

Well, I'm not very clever. That may be the reason why I couldn't find this institute by means of directory inquiries on the internet. But finally by means of a search engine I found a company, where a ' Dr. Christian XYZ' works as a businessman. The name of the company is an artificial name which isn't very easy to remember. The company has branch offices in Europe, America and Asia. One scope of its business is food quality control.
What kind of analysis besides 'quality control' didthe institute actually make? The inscription on the packaging told nothing about it. May be they analyzed among others the 'typical values per 100 g' of the 'Nutrition information', which were on the label: 'Energy 505 Kj/ 120 Kcal, Protein 18,0 g, Carbohydrate 3,0 g , Fat 4,0 g. What about the remaining 75 g? The 'Nutrition information' doesn't tell us anything about it. 'Water' and 'fibre' are probably a part of those remaining 75 g.
There was further the European article number EAN on the label. Besides the numbers there was also the equivalent bar code. The EAN is an eight-digit or thirteen-digit number. In this instance it was a thirteen-digit number. The thirteen-digit EAN comprises a two-digit or three-digit country code, a four-digit or five-digit establishment code, a five-digit article code and a single digit checksum.
The name of the producing establishment, post office box, state, postcode and town were also in plain language on the lable. There was no information about a homepage. But by means of a search engine I quickly found the detailed website of the producing establisment.
There was further a twelf-digit (probably intra-company) 'ident'number, an exact time and a single digit number in small print on the label. There were further the disconnected remarks 'Packaged in a protective atmosphere, please only consume well-done meat'.
The bowl had been sealed with cling film. The cling film was partly transparent. One could see the content. On a part of the cling film was a picture, which reminded one of a cookbook photograph. The picture showed a pan full of thin strips of appetizing fried pork. Around the pan were tomatoes, pieces of cucumber, olives ,onions,herbs and a piece of white bread.

The back of the bowl (negative).
On the cling film this conspicuous red seal of the 'German Institute ....'turned up again. Besides the seal was an imprint, which reminded one of a stamp. The text of the imprint was 'Guaranteed best results'. There was furthermore a conspicuous imprint, which was probably a kind of brand name. This brand name was a strange connection of the word 'gourmet' and the English word 'meat'. A detailed designation of the product was also imprinted on the cling film. The designation comprised among other the funny word 'gourmet pan'. Below the designation of the produkt were the 'use-by' date and information about the weight of the contents (in this instance 0,500 kg). Below this information I saw the sentence 'Cook a compliment to yourself'.
On January 9 2006 I found the product at a discount shop. It cost 2,49 €. This price contains the costs and the profit of the pig-breeder, the costs and the profit of the slaughterhouse, the costs and the profit of the haulage companies, the costs and the profit of the producing establisment and the costs and the profit of the discount shop.

(I translated the technical terms of food chemistry to the best of my knowledge and belief, but I can't make any guarantees.My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)

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