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Issue 2/2011, January 27 2011 (No. 321)

German version

Visual Axes in Woltmershausen and Rablinghausen

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At present I am paying much attention to urban places which have changed because of building work for a short time. You sometimes gain uncommon visual axes because of temporary changes, such as levelings, for a short time.

  But I am also interested in gaps in planting areas and built-up areas. A reader induced me to finally take more heed to the urban development in the suburbs Woltmershausen and Rablinghausen. That's why ...

wonderfully grown leaf tree, probably a willow tree, behind a leveled area
... you now see a photograph of a leveled area which is being located at the corner of Visbecker Straße and Butjadinger Straße in Woltmershausen. Not so very long ago, the area was built-up.

  It was lined by tall conifers which are often used as a privacy shield. You can now see a wonderfully grown leaf tree, probably a willow tree, behind the leveled area.
a massive highrise, which is situated in the port area on the right side of the Weser river, seen through an uncommon visual axis
At the end of the Rablinghauser Landstraße (Rablinghauser Road) you can surmount the rampart and the wall, which separates Rablinghausen from the port in the Neustadt, by means of a stone ford.

  When you look back at Rablinghausen through the visual axis of the ford and through a gap in the planting area of the rampart, you see a massive highrise, which is situated in the port area on the right side of the Weser river.
port cranes and several little trees in the port of Neustadt, Bremen/ Germany, seen through an uncommon visual axis
When you look towards the port of Neustadt through this ford, you of course firstly see port cranes. When you eye the entrance area of the ford, you see several little trees.

  When you hunker down a little bit, you can calmly compare the gigantic man-made 'plants' with the natural plants.

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