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Issue 3/2011, February 20 2011 (No. 322)

German version

Visual Axis From Frauenburger Weg to the Power Station Hastedt

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View of the trail of smoke of the coal and gas power station Hastedt seen from Frauenburger Weg

This photo shows a view of the trail of smoke of the coal and gas power station Hastedt seen from the Frauenburger Weg (Frauenburger Path). The Frauenburger Weg is an unpaved path which leads to the Steubenstraße. The Steubenstraße leads to the Stresemannstraße. At the corner of Steubenstraße and Stresemannstraße the department of civic services is situated which you see on the right of the picture. At the other corner of the T-junction there is presently an extnesive leveled area where a DIY superstore is to be built. This area is behind railroad embankment which you see in the middle of the picture. Behind this area, further into town, you come upon a rambling complex of buildings at the Stresemannstraße. Those buildings host offices of a telecommunications company. At a street, which runs behind that complex, there were till recently the offices of a company which manages a substantial part of the data and telephone communication of the Bremen authorities.
It's furthermore conspicuous that there is a large number of car dealerships in this area of the Stresemannstaße, the Georg-Bitter-Straße and in the business park bordering on the side roads of the Steubenstraße. Among others, the offices of a trading house and a public authority are situated in the commercial area, one building of which you can only just see on the left hand side of the photograph. Incidentally, the power station is a building which you can see from many places in the east of Bremen - vom the inner dike of the Weser river in the Peterswerder district , from a small park at the corner of the Sebaldsbrücker Heerstraße and the Mercedesstraße or from a noise barrier in the district Hemelingen. The power station Hastedt is located at a bight of the Weser river. A little bit further upstream, there is a building with a radio-technical installation which functions as control of traffic stream.

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