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Issue 9/2007, May 17 2007 (No. 237)

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On March 26 2007 my wife and I visited the tower blocks in the suburb Osterholz-Tenever. When the bus was approaching the suburb, I already saw two men who were picking up rubbish on the outskirts of the area of the tower blocks. In the Neuwieder road was a tower block, which was the exact opposite of the paradise, until a few years ago. At this place there is now a meadow. The tower block across the street was scaffolded. It was being painted.

There were 104 name plates besides the front entrance of the tower block with the house number 1.
There were 104 name plates besides the front entrance. Most of them were labelled with surnames. Half the surnames refered to foreign roots. One plate was labelled with the writing 'gatekeeper'.
The first thing we did was to visit the K****-Market, a small food store, which is located in the block with the house number 3. The proprietor of the shop, Mr Assadullah, told us that business was still reasonably good.

The K**** - market
A lot of his former patrons had lived in the tower block where his shop was earlier and which was pulled down a few years ago. He is missing those patrons. With a pessimistic undertone he pointed out the fact that some other tower blocks across the street will be pulled down. His unsaid statement is 'This way I will more and more lose business'.

The meadow where a tower block was a few years ago.
We entered the tower block where his shop is. It almost everywhere smelt of paint because the front of this block was also being painted. The staircase still looked sleazily, but the smell of paint had a positive effect like a good omen.

scaffolded tower block
The scaffolded tower block with the house number 3.
The blocks, which are going to be pulled down, were in wretched repair. A lot of flats seemed to be vacant. A lot of name plates weren't labelled any more. But in contrast with the past there are black little facings on those blank name plates.
The general practioners, who have had their consulting rooms in the demolished block, moved to medium-sized tower blocks across the street. We entered the the waiting room of the practice. A woman of Middle Eastern origin sat behind the counter. She was both friendly and forceful. The waiting room was full up. We left the practice. In front of the block we saw a meeting of old Russian men who wore peaked caps and jackets.
We went to the aerea behind the blocks. There is a little body of water which is skirted by a kind of park. The fronts of the blocks have partly developed a green patina. This housing area is really in lovely surroundings. The only important shortcoming is the traffic noise of the nearby motorway. When we returned to the main street, the Otto Brenner Avenue, we saw a little crucifix on the meadow in front of the block with the house number 1. A resident told us that a motorcyclist had taken the corner far too fast. He had went into a skid and had fallen off his motor bike and had died.
to be continued the week after next
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)

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