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Issue 10/2006, June 11 2006 (No. 216)
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The code lock is one of the most versatile applications at the entrance area. A number combination is used to obtain access, execute switching functions, dial individual selected intercom stations in the house, and if required will even establish a connection to the public telephone network.
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A huge office block was built in the city centre of Bremen last year. A bank, two big companies and several small firms moved in. One enters the bank through the front entrance. You enter the offices of the other companies through a side entrance.
Beside the side entrance is a modern electronic doorbell system. It's a menu on a touch screen. There are four buttons you can touch. There are two buttons with the names of the two big companies. Touching the third button on the screen opens a list of the other tenants. Behind each name of a tenant is a symbol of a bell. When you touch the symbol, a bell rings in the office of the firm. Finally there is a button 'direct dialing'. When you touch the button 'direct dialing', a number keypad shows up on the screen. Visitors can key in the telephone number of an employee of a company. The employees can key in an internal code number - the point of the exercise is unknown.

An alphabetical list of employees
Touching a button of a big company opens an alphabetical list of the their employees. A button 'help' also shows up. Behind the name of each employee is the symbol of a bell. When you touch the symbol, a bell signal calls the employee. The employee can probably get in contact with the visitor by means of an inter phone which is above the screen.

Main menu of the electronic doorbell system
To the left of each name is a small 'i'. Wenn you touch the 'i', more information about the scope of the employee shows up on the screen. Touching the arrows, which are to the right of the list, one can scroll through the list of the employees. Finally you can key in the names of employees you are looking for by means of keypad which is in the bottommost positon. There are probably even more functions on this touch screen. I didn't test everything on this screen, because I didn't want to be rude.
I saw an other function of the system. A man touched a grey little area below the screen with a small capsule.The capsule was at his bunch of keys. I asked the man what he had done. He said 'I logged in.' That meant that he had 'pushed' the electronic time clock.
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)
(to be continued)

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