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Issue 11/2008, June 1 2008 (No. 261)

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Many tears were shed at the factory gate/ For almost all employees of the Nokia factory in Bochum yesterday was their last working day
Headline from 'Weser-Kurier', (Bremen, Germany), May 17 2008

A few weeks ago just after a trash collection date I found an a bit filthy advertising brochure on the pavement in front of a block of flats, where not only people live, who are in the midst of our society. I took the brochure with me and scrutinized it at home.
The English words 'SOUL MATES' were emblazoned on the cover of the brochure. Below those words was a picture of four stylishly dressed, smiling, good looking, young women, who were playing 'four friends'. Below the picture one saw the logo of a mobile phone manufacturer in quite small print.
On the inside front cover the four young women were introduced as Carla, 33 year-old, a grafic designer and fledgling gallery owner, Mona, 35 year-old, features editor, Charlotte, 23 year-old, grafic design student and hobby disc jockey, and Helen, 33 year-old, employed architect.
On the next eleven pages of the brochure a story was told in the style of a photo novel. The story began at 4:00 pm on the day, when Carla's gallery was to be opened. A big photo showed Carla at work in her gallery. In a small picture one saw a mobile phone, a tape measure and a spirit level. The display of the mobile phone said 'the signpost has to be collected and to be fixed'.
keyboard of my mobile phone
keyboard of my mobile phone (negative picture)
The next picture was dated 4:45 pm and showed Charlotte, a friend of Carla, in her flat. She picked out music, which she wanted to put on at the opening of the gallery. A small photo recorded the moment, when Charlotte was fixing a small exchangeable coloured frame to her mobile phone which matched her dress.
A photo followed, in which one saw Mona, the editor, who was on her way to the opening of the gallery at 4:50 pm. On that way she looked into a few fashion shops. A small photo showed Mona when she was putting her mobile phone, her notebook and the invitation card in her bag.
The next two pages recorded an incident at 5:02 pm. Carla dropped the fragile sign, which was designed to direct the guests to the gallery which was in a factory building. The sign shattered. Carla called Helen by mobile phone in order to get help, but Helen wasn't able to come immediately, because she was being under great pressure in the office.
keyboard of my mobile phone
keyboard of my mobile phone (positive picture)
The next episode showed Mona and Charlotte straying in the stairs of the factory building between 5:40 and 5:45 pm. Mona finally called Carla by mobile phone in order to ask the way. At the end of that episode Carla, Charlotte and Mona decided to make a new improvised sign.
The next cut was dated 6:00 pm. With a glass of champagne and lively background music Carla, Mona and Charlotte were preparing the production of the improvised sign. A small picture showed Charlotte's mobil phone, the display of which was indicating the current local time at New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo.
On the last double page of the photo novel it was told by means of a lot of medium-sized photos, how the friends produced and fixed the sign. The last photo showed, how one of the friends was photographing the radiant Carla in front of the sign by means of the photo function of her mobile phone. There was a narrative inaccuracy in this final episode. According to the text Charlotte was spraying the sign, but the photo showed Helen.
The last double page of the brochure presented close-ups of four different mobile phones of the manufacturer. Each mobile phone was assigned to one of the friends. The text explained in detail, why the women had choosed a specific mobile phone. The most important points were design and style. The mobile phone was also a social status symbol. The text on the outside back cover finally gave people hints on how to find their ‚personal' mobile phone. (My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)

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The international poster organisation Loesje has started a project to train young people from all over Europe and Asia in how to organise and coordinate information campaigns about the Millennium Development Goals. These goals are set by the United Nations to fight poverty and to improve living standards world wide.

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