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Issue 16/2008, August 17 2008 (No. 266)

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June 9 2008
I once more went out to the converted old store house in the dock area. I first cycled up to the end of the building and took a look back towards the city. In the distance, I saw the two spires of the cathedral.
The ramp at the front of the building has separate fligths of steps for each of the eight entrances. I entered each of the entrances and took a closer look at the boards in order to see which companies had located in this building. During my first tour of the area a few days ago I mainly saw companies of the advertising, media and logistics industry. This time I also saw among others the office of a building contractor, architect's offices, office equipment specialists, kitchen specialists, firms of management consultants or layers and enterprises which offered services and equipments for telecommunication. In addition to those companies I also noticed a wine shop, a tea company and a huge restaurant.
It was immediately clear to me that building contractors, architect's offices, office equipment specialists, and telecommunication enterprises had located in an area where warehouses had been converted into offices. I thought that several of the numerous and partly recently established enterprises had turned to management consultants or layers for advice for the last months.
But it wasn't immediately clear to me why kitchen specialists had located in this area. So I visited the shop of a kitchen spezialist.The owner of the shop told me that he had supplied fitted kitchens for a lot of offices in this area. He pointed the fact out to me that many people visited his shop en route to a nearby restaurant and also frequently bought a kitchen for their private home. He was looking for more good deals because more office buildings and also flats are going to be built in the area.

One of the eight entrances and a staircase of the store house.
I visited the mentioned restaurant. It was basically a large hall and side rooms. The dark desks, chairs and arm chairs largely stood on a low platform. Big glittering chandeliers hung from the ceiling. Outsized silver colored vases with big artificial fantasy plants and a long bar were further eyecatchers.

From the end of the store house one can see the cathedral in the distance.
The dishes on the lunch menu I could perhaps afford once or twice a year, the dishes on the supper menu were absolutely unaffordable for me.
At last I roamed the corridors of the warehouse for a little while. I even rang at some or other door. I saw that occasionally a firm shared an office area with another firm. In the corridors I mostly met young people, who usally looked like students, even when they worked for advertising agencies or photo studios. They were kind and open-minded.

Overlook over (almost) the entire store house
So I got to know some details. For example I was told, that there was a bureau belonging to a firms network, which sold technical aids supporting disabled persons in, among other things, communication and using the computer. A young employee of this bureau trusted even a big catalogue into my hand. Back at home, to my surprise I read that there were machines which enable people with bad speech defects to communicate with others in a subtly differentiated manner.

(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)

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