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Issue 20/2006, November 20 2006 (No. 226)

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Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
Alexander Pope (1688-1744), English poet

A metaphorical figure of speech says that a loud advertising 'jumps at people'. That kind of advertising seems to step out of its two-dimensional home, like a poster, a telly or a page. It seems to head for potential customers and to grab them.

A printed pasteboard lay on strips of wood.
The manufacturer of a brown lemonade prescribed the third dimension for his posters. Thin strips of wood had been screwed on to the poster in a certain position. On these strips of wood lay a printed pasteboard.The picture of a bizarre flying platform had been printed on the pasteboard. The contours of the pastboard were almost identical with the contours of the shown platform. The contours of the balloon, by means of which the platform seemed to fly, rose a little bit above the top of the hoarding. This way you had a little bit the illusion that the platform was flying out of the poster toward a viewer.

The platform seemed to fly out of the poster toward a viewer.
In the middle of the platform was a huge bottle of the brown lemonade which was promoted by this poster.The platform was a little bit suggestive of those shell-shaped halls in which orchestras in spa gardens do their job. At the front of the platform were 17 big horns. By means of 17 big horns you could blare very loud. You wouldn't hear at least the music which imaginary musicans on the platform could play. Among the fantasy creatures, who romped around the platform, I only saw one uniformed character who was holding a kind of shawm in his hands. Many characters on the platform had bodies which were grotesquely contorted. I counted for example nine workerlike characters. They had conspicuous overlong necks. They wore blue safety helmets and work clothes. Right in front close to the rim of the platform was a kind of entertainments officer who wore a medieval duoblet in red, yellow and white colourings

The mouth-hide beings sucked at the contour of a bottle.
Also very conspicuous was a character which was to the left of the entertainments officer. That character only consisted of feet and bright red lips surrounded with grey hide.

A loud advertising poster of a brown lemonade.
Those characters were reduced to drinking beings. Three of those characters sucked at the contour of a bottle which is below the platform.

The three helicopter beings were transporting an empty bottle of the brown lemonade.
The three helicopter beings, which were at the top left of the poster, were reduced in a similar way. Their bodies looked like sausages. At the end of the sausage were a thin mouth and glasses. You could hardly make out the eyes behind the glasses. At the other end of the sausage was a minute tail. Behind the tail and behind the head were rotors which had been fixed onto the body by means of straps.

The bodies of the helicopter beings had atrophied extremities.
The heliscopter beings had no legs, only tiny arms. Instead of legs there were eyes to which rope had been fastened. By means of the rope the three helicopter beings were transporting an empty bottle of the brown lemonade. On two bodies you could see a kind of tattoo. The tattoo was a red heart which had been pierced by an arrow. The heart was surrounded by a banner with the writing 'MAMA' (MUMMY).
The slogan, under which the poster was sailing, read 'live on the (brand name of the lemonade) side of life'. What would happen if those charakters invaded the real world and energetically spread their slogan? Would the world turn into an everlasting children's birthday?
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)
(to be continued)

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