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Issue 12/2006, July 26 2006 (No. 218)
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The main ingredients in chocolate are the chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar and milk.
Website of Kraft/ Australia, Inside the chocolate factory

A few weeks ago I was waiting at the checkout counter in the supermarket. At a distance a young mother was also waiting in the queue. Her small child was sitting on the floor in front of some shelves. They were right next to the checkout. On the shelves were a lot of sweets.The little girl managed to have a look at the lowest shelf. She got bars of chocolate out of the shelf. The word 'children' was a part of the brand name of the chocolate. The little girl whined in small children's language her mother should buy a bar of chocolate.
The young mother started to talk to an elderly lady: 'She is just 16 months old. I think she doesn't really know what's in the boxes. But they put the bars there because they want the mothers to buy the bars.' But the young mother didn't buy a bar. She friendly told the child to put back the bars. The child obeyed.
On my (short) way home I came past a small green. People quite often throw the packagings of goods they have just bought into the green. I didn't have to search a long time. I soon found a packaging of a chocolate bar I had seen in the supermarket. A few days later I was in an other supermarket. I saw that the chocolate of that manufacturer was on the shelves also right next to the checkout.

Packaging trash (negative picture)
A few days ago I was in the supermarket again. I went to that shelves and took one piece of each chocolate product of that manufacturer. I had to pay 3 Euros and 29 Cents. I got six different products, firstly a plastic bag with two chocolate waffles which were individually wrapped in a cling film, secondly one small bar of filled milk chocolate which was individually wrapped in a polythene sheet and a tin foil, thirdly one small bar of chocolate which was filled with cereals and milk products and which was individually wrapped, fourthly a plastic bag with 21 soft filled chocolate sweets which were individually wrapped, fifthly an individually wrapped waffle which was filled with cream and which roughly looked like a hippo, sixthly the above-mentioned bar of chocolate.
The bar of chocolate was on closer inspection a paper box with eigth small bars of chocolate. Each bar was individually wrapped in tin foil. The tin foil was printed. On a red background was a white strip, which looked like a white liquid.

Packaging trash (positive picture)
The strip was probably a symbol of milk, because the box had the symbol '+' and the word 'milk' printed on the front. The word 'children' was printed on the white strip. The small bars were filled with a white cream. They tasted quite sweet.
So I took a look at the list of ingredients on the box .Two general statements came before the list of ingredients. 'Total percentage of milk constituents in the product 33%, total percentage of cocoa dry matter in the product 13%' This statement was followed by a detailled list of ingredients: 'milk chocolate 40% (sugar, full cream milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, emulsifying agent soya lecithin, vanillin), sugar, low-fat milk powder, vegetable fat, butter oil, emulsifying agent soya lecithin, vanillin'
This is a remarkable list. The first ingredient is 'milk chocolate', though the milk chocolate in itself has been made up of a lot of ingredients. Those ingredients are listed in brackets. The quantitatively most important ingredient is sugar. After the bracket the other ingredients of the product are listed. The quantitatively most important ingredient is again sugar. This way 'milk chocolate' is the first word of the list, though 'sugar' is the quantitatively most important ingredient of the product.
On the box there was a photograph of an about ten-year-old boy. He had done his hair with gel. He was beaming all over his face. The tooth of his upper jaw were immaculately white.
(I translated the technical terms of food chemistry to the best of my knowledge and belief, but I can't make any guarantees. My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)
(to be continued)

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