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Issue 21/2006, December 7 2006 (No. 227)

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Complete deforestation for loo paper
Finland is clearing the last of its primeval forest in Lapland
From the German Newspaper TAZ on August 31 2005

Now night descends, and steeps each weary breast,
Save sad ACILOE'S , in the balm of rest.
Her aged father's beauteous dwelling stood
Near the cool shelter of a waving wood...

Helen Maria Williams (1762-1827) Peruvian Tales

People are now celebrating Advent everywhere in Germany. Even in the loo. A few weeks ago a chain chemist's shop put a loo paper 'With Christmas smell' on the market. The loo paper was 'three-ply, supersoft & safe' and '100 % non-chlorine bleached pulp'. The package contained '8 rolls at 150 sheets each = 1200 sheets'. The loo paper indeterminately smelt of perfume and cinnamon.
I unfortunately hadn't remembered the price of the loo paper. So I went to the chemist's again, when I started to write this article. The loo paper 'With Christmas smell' was sold out - of course. But a saleslady, who had a tremendous memory, could remember the price. It had been 1 Euro 99 Cents ( about 2.60 $).
I had a look round the shop. Among others there was a loo paper made of recycled paper, ' three-ply, soft & safe, 8 rolls at 200 sheets each = 1600 sheets' at a price of 1 Euro 55 Cents (about 2 $). A package of that loo paper was lying in our larder. When I was back home again, I checked. One sheet of the loo paper 'With Christmas smell' cost 0.166 (Euro)cent. One sheet of the loo paper made of recycled paper cost 0.097 (Euro)cent. The loo paper 'With Christmas smell' more expensive by 71 % than the product made of recycled paper.
The plastic bag of the loo paper made of recycled paper was quite simply green and white. Only the unconspicuous Blue-Angel seal and designation 'made of recycled paper' pointed out that the product was environment-friendly. The loo paper 'With Christmas smell', which wasn't made of recycled paper, had been packed in a plastic bag which was printed with a snowy scenery with trees and animals.

A package of loo paper 'With Christmas smell'
In the foreground of the scenery were two elks which looked like comic figure. The taller elk wore red boots with white trimming and a matching pointed cap. The other elk let us see a heart-shaped backside.This elk was undressed and had conspicuously big and curved eyebrows. The animal somehow was striking me as female. To the right of the elks were three penguins which were ice-skating on the snow. One of the penguins wore a big woolly hat and a thick scarf.
The day, when I finished this article, was the day before St Nicholas' Day - December 5 2006. The outside thermometer on the window in the kitchen was indicating 15 degrees above zero at 14.40 pm.
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)
(to be continued)

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