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Issue 20/2009, October 10 2009 (No. 295)

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Cheap chicken drumsticks

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The picture shows one of 24 buns I made from ingredients, which mainly come from organic farming. A bun would cost about 0,90 Euro (1.31 dollars).The calculation base is composed of material costs and 2.50

  working hours at 7.50 Euros/ 11 dollars. I milled the corn, I screened the flour and baked the buns. But thats only the introduction to another story.

A few days ago my wife and I sat on a tram close to three young women .They talked about their purchases. 'I recently bought six chicken drumsticks for 2.40 Euros (3.50 dollars) and such a biiiig pot of ice cream for one Euro (1.50 dollars) at the XYZ-discounter', a woman boasted. She traced the contour of a big cooking pot with her hands.
I started to calculate. A chicken drumstick cost 0.40 Euro (0,60 dollar). This price included the costs of production and a certainly small margin for retailers, unless it was a not cost-covering dumping price. 0.40 Euro is five percent of the intended wage floor of 7.50 Euros (11 dollars) and equates to three minutes of working time. I wondered, under what living conditions the chickens had lived, before they were slaugthered.
I wondered on what terms the people worked, who slaugthered those chicken and processed the chicken meat. I wondered on what terms the chicken drumsticks were transported and sold.
When we were back at home, I took a look at an avertising bochure of a shopping centre chain. Boxes with twelve chicken thigs from a manufacturer of branded products were offered at a price of 2.70 Euros (3.94 dollars), so one chicken thigs is 0.22 Euro. The chain runs huge shopping centres in eleven different cities, also in Bremen. With how many boxes did the manufacturer provide this shopping centre chain? How many chickens had to sacrifice their thighs and their life in order to fill all ordered boxes?

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