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Issue 22/2006, December 21 2006 (No. 228)

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Knowlegde (itself) is power.
Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626), Essayes. Religious Meditations. Plaies of perswasion and disswasion. (1597)

These days there are two anniversaries of the project 'Klein Mexiko'. On December 16 2006 the Jan Frey publishing house, which runs the project, has survived for ten years. On February 10 2007 the website 'kleinmexiko.de' will have run for five years. Ever since my small firm was founded I published four numbers of 'Klein Mexiko'. Those four numbers have a total of 184 pages. 700 issues per number were printed on average. The website has been visited up to seven thousand times per month. There is an increasing number of foreign visitors who click the English articles of kleinmexiko.de. The readers finds about 1.6 Megabyte of text (proportionate to 800 pages with 2000 characters per page). There is moreover a cooperative writing project in Cambodia, 'Daily Life in Cambodia' which is written by Charlie Dittmeier.
The project 'Klein Mexiko' illustrates that during the last ten years a lot of people in different places in the world have got more and more possibilities to express their individual perceptions and thoughts by means of Internet. At the same time people have got more and more possibilities to keep informed about world affairs and to get in touch with nationals of foreign countries. Simultaneously the powerful figures and genius' are going down in people's esteem because their advance in knowlegde is dwindling and their decisions are becoming more and more questionable.
Many people long for being a menber of those upper classes. But this desire is also becoming questionable because the respect for those elites is dwindling. Simultaneously people are feeling that they can't leave the political responsibility to those dubious classes with a safe conscience.
The revolutionary development process of information technology is radically and globally altering the economic and social structures.

My minute firm can't exercise any power over this process, on the contrary it is at the mercy of this revolutionary power. Against a backdrop of that revolution I try to prevent that the survivability of my tiny publishing house could hinge on one single safety factor one day. That's why I am constantly developing the main project 'Klein Mexiko' further. I try to keep in touch with persons who understand mentality of 'Klein Mexiko'. So I am very happy that Charlie Dittmeier in Phnom Penh cooperates with 'Klein Mexiko.'
(My wife Christine helped me to translate the text. Thanks.)
(to be continued)

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